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Content Management System (CMS) avoids the need for hand coding for any amendments to be made by you. Our CMS system are self-manageable, which allows you have access to maintain individual department page. It allows you to organised contents easily as it contains user friendly tools such as image and file. There is flexibility to create your own page to attract more traffic as well as displaying more information. Our interfaces are designed to navigate around easily. MediaOne strives to create a cutting-edge website with features that suits your needs. View our portfolio below to find out more..


Benefits of using a Content Management System (CMS) for your website

  • Manage content without additional cost
  • Easy training for updating content without any prior programming knowledge
  • No reliance on third parties to update
  • Attract more visitors by creating additional pages on your own.



MediaOne Business Group Pte Ltd specializes in:

  • Quality, affordable and transparent Web Development.
  • Website coding and URL structure that are fully search engine optimized.
  • Website design will be based on your requirements and specification.
  • Website will be built to match your company’s values, goals, and philosophy.
  • Smooth navigation and browsing capabilities being integrated into your webpage.
  • User friendly website allows you to update them on your own.
  • Website will be designed & professionally programmed by our team of in-house designers and programmers.

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