Overseas expansion offer small businesses and large firms that chance to gain more from their standard market share. Markets in other regions can offer opportunities for growth and development not possible in the existing geographical landscape of the business.

As with other business a venture, an overseas expansion requires time and careful planning. Companies need to understand cultural differences and market conditions to alter businesses processes and suit the target region.

If you wish to expand over other markets, we can help you at MediaOne. With regional offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong, MediaOne has the ideal position to help you lay the groundwork for movement and development of your business to respective regions. Working with us gives you the opportunity for the following:

  • Exploring untapped markets – we have the expertise to find the right locations offering higher demand for your products and services that are still untapped or inaccessible. We can help you in setting up a fresh base of enthusiastic patrons without risk of competition. We can also assist you in exploring government policies and incentives that can encourage business expansions.
  • Identifying and establishing favorable business climate – new regions can have untapped market potential more than just the present location of the business. MediaOne can assist you in identifying areas without or with reduced challenges compared to existing regions for operations. We have a team of professionals that can guide you in finding “business-friendly” settings while ensuring delivery of customers and ROI.

Kuala Lumpur

Hong Kong


Why choose us to be your oversea marketing consultations?

  • Local office and production office.
  • Locally trained consultants with the support of the head office in Singapore
  • Have a greater understanding of the regions financial markets and consumer markets
  • Able to convey your concepts from one region to another

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