Social Media Marketing

Search engine restrictions and transformations have shifted the focus on content and social media. It is no longer just about using the right keywords or key phrases. Rather, businesses must now focus on engaging content and its presentation. Algorithmic updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird killed duplicate content and stuffing.

The role of social media in gaining the ideal online presence stems from its reach. Statistics show that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become excellent platforms for leveraging visibility. The latest stats reveal:

  • World population is at 7.2 billion.
  • Active internet users are at 3 billion.
  • People with social media accounts are at 2 billion.

Numbers also show that social media network have some of the largest user bases online:

  • Facebook with 1.35 billion users and 1.23 billion active ones
  • Google+ with 343 million users
  • Twitter with 284 million users
  • Tumblr with 230 million users

Social media can affect online visibility because most target markets have a connection to it one or way or another. Today, there is an accompanying ranking result based on how people find content to social media usage of business and brands.

At MediaOne, we are dedicated in providing excellent social media marketing services and applications to address your needs.

How can we help to maximize your social media campaign?

Promotions & Programs

We can help you boost your Facebook ads and page as well as other networks through organized integration. We do not just want to direct traffic but we want to increase your potential for conversion. We have professionals who can provide assistance on designing promotional ads and content on these platforms to expand and improve customer/fan base engagement. We can turn users into customers to increase your revenue and brand awareness.

Community Management

MediaOne Business Group will help take control of your social community so you can concentrate efforts on what you do best. We will create high-quality content, engage, and respond to users’ comments on all of your social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.


At MediaOne Business Group Social Media Team, we can provide you real-time updates on you social media platforms regardless if it is about your services, products or company. This can help you build better customer service. We make sure to use the most efficient tools available on to carry out report analysis of the conversation around your brand.

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