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Email Marketing Made Simple

Email marketing is one of the simplest yet strongest marketing channels. It allows companies to work with their existing client base for a more targeted approach campaign. Email marketing is a cost effective, convenient and powerful tool in staying connected with your patrons and gives the best chances for making a profit and reaching your goals. Targeting prospective buyers is not just based on their demographics but also where they are on the buying cycle.

Sending targeted emails to the correct audience or demographic will ideally improve chances of that group buying into the product. You can easily observe which groups respond to your content fast or which ones needs reinforcement. Improved changes mean better sales and profit potential.

Email marketing with MediaOne Business Group believes that time and money is of the essence. We can help you reach your target audiences and build strong relationship with them creating brand engagement beneficial to your products and services. . That is because any effective email marketing strategy takes into consideration what your target customers are, their preferences and benefits they are looking for as well as your products services and industry and which email marketing messages are most effective.


Why choose us as your email marketing vendor?

Engaging and well-designed emails that are in-line with your company’s brand is something our experts were trained for. Appropriate consumer market research will be conducted to fully understand what your consumers need to see. Our dedicated consultants research your competitors and markets, brainstorm ways to differentiate your approach from them allowing you to benefit in the long run.

We offer versatility. We will provide the email marketing campaigns needed to convey your intended message to your consumers. We offer exclusive arrangements for your business to ensure a more personalized but professional approach. Real-time tracking is a must for MediaOne to ensure high delivery rates and provide post-campaign report showing you the analysis of the campaign result.

MediaOne pays close attention to what your business needs, such as email strategies, to enhance your chances for growth and profit and ensure high deliverable rate. We have a dependable and strong infrastructure that routes emails efficiently to ensure that your message gets to your customers’ inboxes.

Working with small to large scale companies, locally and internationally, require ample amount of time to know the complex marketing requirements for a massive amount of emails to be sent out to their prospects and patrons. We take all your needs seriously and we make sure to cater to your needs and be able to reach a larger group of audiences. Our email database allows us to segregate based on what we think your business might need, from Business to Business (B2B), Business to consumer (B2C), Locations, to Directors/CEOs and Managerial roles among others depending on requirements.

Rest assured our experts have the critical knowledge in e-mail marketing which is needed to meet your business objectives. We continuously stay in the forefront of the marketing industry, assessing every nook to ensure that your business stays ahead of the pack. Excellence is what MediaOne provides.

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